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Perdona, la traduccion de la paginas aun esta trabajo. Mientras aparence el texto en la idioma Inglés.

Total index of all products from Ace Tone and Roland Corporation with their brands Roland, Boss, Amdek, Edirol etc.

In future you will here be provided with a search function. This will help you to find the official name of the articles used im my lists which is sometimes not easy to get. E.g. who knows the `Fantom´ synth is named FA-76?

At the moment some of the light blue links to categories might go to not yet existing lists and a few devices are not yet in their lists, sorry for that. But you´ll see the product´s category, don´t you?
Those categories build the groups (Synthesizer, Rhythm/Drums, Recording/Fx, Guitar&Bass, Others:Entertainer, Pianos, Amplification) you´ll find in main menu. Those groups sort articles due to instrumental groups in opposite to the index lists.

AMDEK index only contains products of the Roland Digital Group (RolandDG) relevant to making music. RolandDG startet with AMDEK DIY products, changed to computer priferials and is today well known for plotters and extra size printers, which are not listet here.

Before founding Roland, Mr. Kakehashi ran Ace Tone and developed many predecessors of later Roland devicees. It is very difficult to get correct data to the ACE aera, so a chronological sorting is nearly impossible. Beside Ace Tone I did not manage to get all EDIROL and Rodgers products listed, sorry.
Boss and Roland lists should be complete (until end of 2014).

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