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Roland built the first Guitar-Synthesizer ever and it has to be controlled with its own Guitar-Controller, a very heavy guitar not having a normal output. Followed by the 24-Pin Guitar Controllers (G-Series) and the GR-100, GR-300 synthesizers the next generation hat a much better tracking. A lot of famous guitar players have been using them. The 24-Pin system changed to the current 13-pin System allowing to use any guitar as controller.

BOSS released their first 3 pedal effects in 1977 and expanded this series to an outrageous selling success of over 10 mio units with still the same housing.

From the first poor try of combining effects (SCC-700), the ME- and GT-Series grew up - in selling success as well as in sound.

Combo-Amps of the "Jazz Chorus" series became classics (JC-120), but even the small "Cube" amps got more and more fans, especially after re-issuing and modernizing this series since 2004.

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